How to Create, Remember or Discover your heart's desire so that you can live with passion, certainty and vigor!

Popular Author George P. Kansas has designed this 4 module program to give you specific action steps in each 1 hour module to formulate your plan for life and living it!

We will provide you with what we like to call play-sheets.  The purpose of these play sheets is to channel and focus your thinking toward the creation of a concise statement of that which you were born to do.

Your mission. Your Purpose!

This process may be challenging, it may not be. It may require some serious deliberation. It may not. It may require painful introspection. It may cause you to realize those things that you’ve not yet done. It may cause you to breathe a sigh of relief. It may do all of these things. It may do none of them. What it will certainly do, however, is cause you to think about that which most people simply never do.

Here is how the program is focused:

Module 1 – Your lists!  We will channel your focus toward the goals, dreams and objectives that truly are important to you.  The point is to identify those objectives that not only the accomplishment of which would fulfill your dreams, but the mere pursuit of which would fulfill your purpose!  Yes, we will accomplish this with some lists.

Module 2 – Your Building Blocks!  We will identify the areas of your life that provide the many different degrees of satisfaction in your life.  Identify those dreams, the pursuit of which would really give you unparalleled inspiration to live.

Module 3 - Definining your Purpose!  Identifying and articulated a statement of purpose may seem silly at first.  But all the people who put the effort into this exercise will feel a profoundly greater sense of that which they are truly meant to see, be, do and have in this life.

Module 4 – Mindful Action – Developing Your Journey!  With just a small amount of planning every goal consists of a finite series of tasks.  More importantly, in pursuing the tasks you are meant to accomplish you will feel more fulfilled.  Joy comes from this journey!

Here is how the program works:

You will receive access to our Password Protected Members area where you will be able to access the Play Sheets and Recordings for each Module.  We encourage you to print out the Play Sheets prior to beginning the audio recordings.

Are you ready to join me and this amazing group?

Most people go about their lives and never invest the time, the money or the pain to remember, uncover,
or discover what’s truly important to them.  What noble purpose their life was meant to be
invested in pursuing and creating the habits necessary to make those dreams a reality.

The cost is only $19.99